We Are Ruby Rebellion

Ruby Rebellion is a not for profit community interest company dedicated to raising hell and raising money. Our mission is to help end the poverty, shame, mental health stigma, gendered language and violence surrounding menstruation.

We believe that knowledge is power and through power comes empowerment! Our products are educational, ethical and cruelty free. Designed and printed in Glasgow using vegan inks and environmentally friendly processes.

Our organisation is a registered Community Interest Company, which means all of the profits we raise are fed directly back into the company, community and organisations that we donate to. We are dedicated to ensuring menstruators have dignity during their periods by donating menstrual products to people in need and also on developing educational resources and events that will ensure all young people and adults alike have a deeper level of understanding and knowledge of menstruation, gender, mental health and well-being.

Our organisation aims to challenge the current status quo surrounding menstruation discourse while our ethically made products educate and empower while allowing you to shop with a conscience.


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