Ruby Rebellion are committed to being as ethical as possible from the design process to manufacturing, printing and delivery. We do not exploit cheap labour and our products are cruelty free and vegan. 




We can’t thank community interest company Wild and Kind enough for their continued help in keeping our brand as ethical as possible. At the moment we use two different companies for our products in order to be ethical and size inclusive. 


For their individual policies please see the following links.

Continental Clothing Company Ltd.






All our printing is done in house at Wild and Kind studio and we are hands on and involved in the whole process. We use the Brother GT3 Direct To Garment printer which is the most eco friendly way to print! The inks are water based and vegan. The only waste is a very mall amount of excess ink which is as safe as water. 




Our organisation is a registered Community Interest Company, which means all of the profits we raise are fed directly back into the company, community and organisations that we donate to. 


We do not currently have any employees but when we do we will always pay the living wage.